"International terrorist network - Southeast Asia that ...

The al-Qaeda - Kotobanku

"International terrorist network - Southeast Asia that ... Description of Britannica International Encyclopedia small item encyclopedia Al-Qaeda al-Qaeda Islamic extremists leaders international terrorism support organizations that Osama bin Laden was built. [Al-Qaeda] is the meaning of the base. We scramble a close contact with Islamic terrorist organizations around the world, support the activities such as providing training facilities. Year of the US Embassy simultaneous bombings, played a central role in, such as 00 years of the United States terrorist attacks. Kosovo, Tajikistan, aid the Islamic side in the dispute, such as Chechnya, also was pointed out involvement in the Islamic rebels that operate in Algeria and the Philippines. Establishment of the organization the late 1980s. It derived from an organization that has been formed for the Muslim support to fight the Soviet Armed Forces in Afghanistan dispute. After the Soviet withdrawal, strengthen the confrontation attitude of the [anti-Islamic countries], and the United States in particular continue to stationed in Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War and the target of terrorist attacks.

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