"International terrorist network - Southeast Asia that ...

Arabian Peninsula al-Qaeda (AQAP) | current affairs term encyclopedia

"International terrorist network - Southeast Asia that ... Arabian Peninsula al-Qaeda (AQAP) [Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] Deep al-Qaeda and the relationship of international terrorist organizations, Yemen, Islamic extremist armed groups operating in Saudi Arabia. The United States State Department has specified the same group to the terrorist organization in 00 years. Arabian Peninsula of the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh to 0 years, 0 years of Yanbu of attacks on oil facilities, has been noted as such in the crime organization terrorist attacks in the same year of Arukobaru. Then, the same group by the security measures of the Saudi government relocated to Yemen, to 2.0 years in Yemen of the nucleus of the repatriation is the person in Saudi Arabia from escaped the prison was a person or a Cuba of Guantanamo, Saudi, overthrow of the Yemeni government It formed a neoplastic tissue to 0 years and for the purpose. Nasser Abdul c abolition as a leader of the nascent organization, as deputy leader has raised the name of the original Guantanamo detainees of the side Ali Jabir, both are said to combat experience in Afghanistan.

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