"International terrorist network - Southeast Asia that ...

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"International terrorist network - Southeast Asia that ... In recent years, Islamic extremist organization is seen as [threat] in the field of international politics, a growing number of cases to be forced to the corresponding. Movement of these Islamic extremists, [Taliban] in Afghanistan in the year since the establishment of the regime, anti-Western terrorist activities by running the 00 years. US terrorist attacks of [al-Qaeda] was the center. The past few years, has also been actively terrorist activities of the organization, which is said to be al-Qaeda (AQIM), etc. and Boko Haram [al-Qaeda system] of the Islamic Maghreb. And now, that has received the most attention, is being spread rapidly dominated area in Iraq and Syria border region [Islamic State]. In the following, an overview about this [Islamic State], why, such a radical Islamic ideology consider whether is spread between the part of the Muslims. 0 years 0 days, was conquered Mosul of Iraq [Iraq and the Levant of the Islamic countries] (ISIL) (*) has changed its name to the same month the day in the Islamic countries] (IS).

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